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The Face Behind the Vision

Meet Tracy Parrillo, founder of Parrillo Luxury Travel. Tracy has spent the better part of her lifetime experiencing all facets of luxury travel. With over 25 years as a luxury hotelier, she is a fountain of knowledge and passes on her expertise to her clients by pulling all the right levers to make their trip spectacular. Her passion for travel is only matched by her expertise at problem solving. Tracy takes a creative approach to designing each itinerary and thinks around every corner to expect the unexpected. She believes the success of a trip is measured on the memories made and she is dedicated to creating lifelong memories for each of her clients.

Tracy’s Biography

Tracy Parrillo launched Parrillo Luxury Travel after spending over a quarter of a century as a luxury hotelier. Her career taught her the ins and outs of a range of hotel landscapes. From boutique hotels to big name brands, skyhigh city accommodations to beachside resorts, Tracy’s knowledge of the industry is seemingly endless.

And now, with Parrillo Luxury Travel, Tracy is putting her industry experience to use! Tracy knows where to go and who to call. She passes her experiences along to her clients by pulling all the right levers to make their trip spectacular. Armed with her insider knowledge, Tracy seamlessly navigates complex itineraries and the sometimes high-stress obstacles that go along with travel.

Tracy measures the success of each trip by the memories made. She is dedicated to crafting trips of a lifetime that will keep her clients reminiscing for years to come.


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Photo of Danelle Tomassetti

Danielle’s Biography

Danielle’s love for travel blossomed while studying interior design in New York City. Her keen eye for design and passion for exploring the world’s cultures led her to an unexpected opportunity – curating globetrotting adventures for A-list music artists. This unique path allowed her to marry her talents by previewing hotels for the most discerning travelers worldwide. With over 7 years of expertise in boutique luxury travel, Danielle’s specialty lies in crafting unforgettable experiences tailored to your preferences. As a self-avowed foodie, she’ll ensure your journey includes the city’s newest culinary outposts, expanding your repertoire of dining delights and is the go-to ski guru for fellow mountain lovers.