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Services & Fees

At Parrillo Luxury Travel, we believe the trip of lifetime can be found in the details. From designing a tailor-made itinerary suited to your personal travel style to reading the fine print of hotel cancellation policies, our team goes beyond the ordinary to deliver travel experiences that are seamless from the moment you depart until you return home.


From choosing the perfect accommodations for your travel preferences to navigating the booking process, our team can facilitate your hotel bookings down to reading the fine print.


Through personalized service and meticulous planning, we design luxurious itineraries tailored to meet each traveler’s unique desires, ensuring an unforgettable journey.

*During an initial complimentary consultation, our team will collect essential details about your trip. Depending on the complexity of your trip, a final planning fee will be proposed, covering the time and resources necessary to deliver a vacation that meets our high standards of service and quality.

CONCIERGE SERVICES Starting at $250 per traveler*

From arranging spa appointments to securing ski passes, and everything in between, our team manages all the on-the-ground logistics of your trip.

*Hotels must be booked through PLT to utilize concierge services.

FLIGHTS starting at $50 per traveler

Our clients enjoy access to our premier air team and a 24/7 dedicated support team for last-minute delays and cancellations.
All you need to do is choose: window or aisle?

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A Google search for “hotels in Paris” yields nearly half a billion results. That’s right, a billion with a ‘B’. In this digital era, online booking engines can churn out a cookie-cutter Parisian holiday before you can say “merci.”

However, even the most sophisticated technology pales in comparison to the insider knowledge, industry connections, and human touch that come with working with our team of advisors at Parrillo Luxury Travel.

With over 25 years of experience as a luxury hotelier, our founder, Tracy Parrillo, knows the ins and outs of booking. She leverages her first-hand industry knowledge and network of connections to pull all the right levers to make each client’s trip spectacular.

Parrillo Luxury Travel partners with many of the most reputable brands in travel worldwide. Through these partnerships, our clients have access to exclusive rates, amenities, and availability that cannot be booked online or even directly.

We’re here to save you the stress so you can focus on what’s important: enjoying your time away.